Castell Beach Repairs

ECO Castell beach erosion OnLThe spring gales at the beginning of the month ate away a good part of the Castell del Ferro beach, (Playa del Sotillo) on the Punta del Rincón.

Such was the amount of beach erosion that garden walls belonging to houses just off the beach were almost undermined. The track that ran alongside has disappeared and manhole covers that were once flush with the ground now sit on top of small concrete towers

The breakwaters further down the beach, towards the main paseo, have contributed to the erosion on Playa del Sotillo, effectively deflecting waves which end up scooping out this part of the Castell coastline. The beach at this point used to be about 100 metres wide.

The 40 residents in that area feel ‘abandoned’ by the authorities and at the mercy of the sea.

New sand will be brought in, but first a sewage pipe which has been exposed will have to be moved out of the reach of the sea.

(News: Castell del Ferro, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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