Rules Bridge Completed

AND Rules Bridge OnLThe first roadworks on the bridge over the Rules Reservoir was in October 2013, shortly after it was discovered that the Granada end was sinking. The lower-than-normal water level had revealed the defect.

After periods of only one dual carriageway being available, which had to provide two-way traffic whilst the other was closed for repairs – and briefer periods of the whole bridge being closed and traffic diverted along the old N-323 – the Ministry of Public Works announced on the 25th of February that the bridge was permanently reopened. There was still some fiddling around to do, but nothing that would interrupt traffic flow.

The work has basically consisted of extending the bridge structure further into the northern hillside, thus distributing the weight of the bridge over a greater area. Originally, the bridge was constructed quickly on the hillside with the result that geological instability was causing the said hillside to give way.

So how much did it all cost? Nearly 24 million euros, 19 of which was spent on the this A-44 bride and nearly another four million on patching up the old N-323 to be able to withstand the diverted traffic load.

Anyway, the Ministry did a damned fine job of preventing the bridge work from hampering summer and peak holiday period traffic loads.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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