Mobile ITV Unit in Almuñécar

ALM ITV inspections OnLThe Almuñécar Councillor for Citizen Safety has announced that as from Monday the 16th February, the Mobile ITV Unit will be in town to inspect mopeds.

They will be parked up in front of the football stadium on that Monday and Tuesday and then the following Monday and Tuesday (23rd & 24th) in the same location.

If your teenage offspring skillfully manages to miss these opportunities, then there are two further dates in March: the 9th and the 13th.

So, if your 49cc vehicle has now reached three years of age, then it is due for an ITV inspection. Any bike that has already had an ITV needs to have another after two years.

Anyway, it saves having to take the thing to the ITV station in Motril, doesn’t it.

The actual times that the the unit will be open is from 10.50h to 14.30h and from 16.00h to 17.00h on the Mondays and 08.50h to 14.30h & 16.00h to 17.00h on the Tuesdays.

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