Almuñécar Music School Scandal?

Town Hall main entrance

Town Hall main entrance

The ten music teachers at the Almuñécar Escuela Municipal de Música, after four months without pay, are not happy bunnies.

And it’s not just the fact that they allegedly haven’t been paid – which is a bit of a blow at the best of times – but that since the 31st of January their Social Security payments have reportedly also been stopped.

The Partido Andalucista (Benavides) consider it “surprising” that the teachers should be working under these conditions – it would also be illegal, of course.

The Town Hall hands over grants to a cultural association called, Todo Cultura, who organize the classes and hire the teachers. According to the PA, these grants total 600,000 euros.

Benavides’ party implies in its press release that there is a family connection between the Chairwoman of the cultural association and the ex-Secretary General of the PA, Manuel Novo; party companion of two councillors in the coalition government, one of whom is the Councillor for Culture.

Did I lose you guys back there because I did try to keep it simple? Basically, Benavides’ party is implying that public funds were being allocated because of family ties rather than more ethical reasons. I don’t particularly like interpreting politicians’ words and intentions as it can backfire, but it does make it simpler to understand in this case.

Anyway, it seems that funds flowing between the Town Hall and the said cultural association have dried up, resulting the teachers not receiving their salaries.

Stay tuned.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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