High Winds & Seas in La Herradura

IMG_20150131_133859The village took a bit of a pounding this morning, with high winds and large waves dragging rocks and beach debris right up onto Paseo Andrés Segovia.

Although the road remained passable, it did cause quite a bit of disruption to smaller traffic, such as scooters and motorcycles.

High winds caused a small amount of damage, as in much of the area, with the usual array of terrace parasols, plastic chairs and the odd small child, flying through the air, ending up some distance away from their original location. Most of the village café/bars had their chairs and tables firmly secured.

LHR SurfersNot all bad news, mind you, as the surfers were once again out in numbers, showing off their skills in the mountainous seas.

No small children or surfers were injured during the writing of this article.







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