Motril Trading Estate Gets Gardened Roundabout

MOT Vadillo garden work OnLThe Motril trading estate, El Vadillo, is getting a bit of colour added in the form of flower gardens.

The spot chosen is the roundabout that links Calle Tegucigalpa, Santo Domingo and Lima to the old Almeria road (N-340) At present it is a dust bowl.

The Mayor Lusia Garcia Chamorro explained that five years ago the local council decided to plant gardens in the trading estate, but it never came to light because the Town Hall was pending the Junta building the Ronda Sur which would link with the Vadillo.

The project has a budget of 30,000 euros and will affect 2,000 sq/m of land, equipping it with irrigation systems trees/bushes and flowing plants and lawn.

Finally, the Mayor said that she was going to ask for 200,000 euros from the Provincial Council for the improvement of pavements and street lighting.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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