Junta Pledges Continued Funding for Castle Work

SAL castle excavation work OnLThe Junta de Andalucía pledged to continue covering the costs of the restoration work on Salobreña Castle.

The promise was made by a Junta bigwig, Manuel Morales, whilst visiting the excavation work taking place at the moment; work which has turned up Muslim-era baths, for instance.

These Baños Árabes are akin to the ones in the Alhambra, but evidently not as big.

Sr. Morales, who is the Delegate for Tourism at the Junta, said that this kind of work is necessary to boost  tourism  and thus combat seasonal limitations; i.e., boosting off-season tourism, as our benevolent climate merits.

Getting back to the restoration works, around 60% is financed by the Junta (598.000 euros) through its Iniciativa de Turismo Sostenible (ITS) for the Costa Tropical. The Town Hall provides the other 40%

The 2015 budget allocation for this end is slightly higher than one million euros, which is spread across 19 different projects along the Costa Tropical. A dozen of these projects are developed by local entities, as well as private initiative.

Archeologists are presently working on the passages leading to the batteries which were built in the times of the Catholic Monarchs (Ferdinand and Isabel). The said work consists of taking the ground level down to the original level to completely uncover the inside of the defensive walls of the castle, which have lain buried to date.

Another gem that has been uncovered is a noria (water-wheel construction for pumping up water) next to the castle’s water cisterns.

However, the project manager, architect Antonio Orihuela, from the School of Arab Studies belonging to the CSIC, pointed out that the general public will not have access to this discovery; only archeologists and students will be able to visit it.

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