Almuñécar Hikers Witness Lanjarón Fire

Almunecar hikers above lanjaronAlmuñécar Hikers on their walk around Nigüelas/Lanjarón had an uncomfortably close view of the mountain fire there, around mid October.

Hiker-group guides Francisco Novo and Enrique Garín took 35 excursionists around that beautiful part of Granada only to bump into the mountain fire – the first time that this has happened in the 15 years of the existence of the club.

They were on their way back down, heading for Lanjarón when they found the fire blocking their route. Fortunately, the guides quickly rerouted the excursion, even though this put a few more kilometres on the already tired group.

ALM Hikers in Lanjaron 02 OnLThe guides had been contacted by the Guardia Civil who advised them to walk back up the way that they had come but they managed to convince the police that the ascent would leave them still in open country with the nightfall upon them and that they had enough professional experience to circumnavigate the fire safely. The Guardia Civil agreed.

The reward for the extended route was the first-hand view of the helicopters bombing the fire just a couple hundred of metres away, but separated by a gully.

The next excursion is planned for the 9th of November – stay tuned for more details.

(News: Lanjarón, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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