Autovia to the Granada Coast Renamed

A-44 autovia de sierra nevada-costa tropicalThe autovia leading down from Granada to the coast will now be known as the Autovía de Sierra Nevada-Costa Tropical, announced the Minister of Public Works, Ana Pastor.

Local businesses in the tourist sector and several political parties were behind the demand for a name change, as the A-44 used to be known simply as the Autovia de Sierra Nevada. Years passed and not a peep was heard from Madrid but next year is election year!

It is surprising that the autovía didn’t have the name from the start because it is normal in Spain for such roads to bear the name of where they terminate: The A-52 Autovía de las Rías Baixas and the A-48 Autovía de la Costa de la Luz, are two clear examples.

Whilst here on the Costa Tropical we might rightfully be celebrating this little boost to the tourism sector, the cold reality is that the Dirección General de Carreteras will now actually have to change all the road signs and update all the maps, not to mention all the interminable paperwork littering the bureaucratic entrails of officialdom… and it ain’t gonna come cheap, Folks!

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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