Venta Luciano, Almuñécar

PP Venta Luciano 01 OnLIt was back in 1951 when Venta Luciano started to take shape. In those days it was just an inn but they started holding verbenas (open-air dances) at Christmas, etc.

Back then, with the tail end of the Hunger Years of the 40’s still evident, there was nothing of its kind in the area. It’s worth remembering that until about 1952 there was still a guerrilla war going on in the surrounding mountains.

Another thing to remember was that in those days, Venta Luciano was a good walk (three kilometres) from Almuñécar and not many people had cars, yet Venta Luciano soon became very popular.

International tourists were starting to arrive in the mid sixties, so Venta Luciano started staging flamenco shows, bringing down artistes from Sacromonte de Granada, which coincided with the building of Venta Luciano as we know it today.

PP Venta Luciano 02 OnLSince then, the venue has become a local legend and any self-respecting guiri, no matter how many years he or she has lived here, has not “known” Almuñécar until they have been there at least once.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a social event like a wedding reception or just an evening spent amongst friends, Venta Luciano is an extraordinary venue for both.

Every Friday from 20.30h you will have the chance to enjoy an all-inclusive BBQ from May through to October, which includes a Flamenco Show. In the low season, from October to May, there is a midday show on Tuesdays at 13.00h.

As far as Flamenco artistes go, Venta Luciano has staged some of the best known personalities from the Flamenco world including, El Cabrero, Juanito Valderrama, Luís de Córdoba, José Mercé, La Niña de la Puebla, El Turronero, Juana la del Revuelo etc, Bailaoras como Mariquilla, Luci Montes, Manuela Carrasco, Dolores Vargas “La Terremoto”, Maruja Garrido, Paco Cepero, Manolo Franco, Paco del Gastor, and Jose Luis Postigo.

I’ll sum it up in one short sentence: it doesn’t matter how many years you have lived here, if you haven’t done Venta Luciano, you’re just another tourist.

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