Herradura Square Tidied

LHR Plaza El Ruso OnLThe village previously had its main paseo and beach gardens tidied but this time it was the turn of Plaza El Ruso.

Admit it, you’ve driven past this area and had no clue what it was called – I certainly didn’t! Well now we know, The Russian, The only trouble is that the Russian concerned, wasn’t Russian, because his name was Manuel Rodríguez.

Anyway, the square had its palms and shrubs spruced up to an eye-pleasing pitch and the work was carried out by pupils from the Gardening Workshop, which is part of the Ocupados programme.

“This is yet another example of the good work that this group of men and women under training have been accomplishing,” said the First Councillor for La Herradura, Juan José Ruiz Joya.

Stirring stuff, indeed and ‘power to your palm trees!’

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