Almuñécar Expresses Solidarity with Gaza Town

ALM Gaza CondemnationWe normally don’t cover international news of this kind but Almuñécar just happens to be twinned with Khan Junes in Gaza.

Both the ruling party in Almuñécar, as well as the main opposition party, have issued press releases expressing their solidarity with the families of the victims, the majority of whom are allegedly civilians.

Mayor Trinidad Herrera sent a letter to the Palestinian Ambassador to Spain, Musa Amer Odeh, asking him to pass on Almuñécar’s condolences. She also backs the Ambassador’s call for the international community to have a greater influence in the area, so that peace can be brought about.

The ex-Mayor’s party, the Partido Andalucista, went further and condemned the “massacre,” and criticizes the inactivity by the international community, calling Israel’s actions as “indiscriminate genocide.”

This second-largest town on the Gaza Strip is also twinned with Hamar, in Norway and Évry in France. Almuñécar was twinned in 1996.

Editorial comment: whilst the attacks carried out by the IDF against the world’s most densely populated townships, produce an unacceptable tally of civilians deaths, it is lamentable that no criticism of Hamas rocket fire against Southern Israeli is also expressed by the Mayor or the PA.

Besides that, isn’t “indiscriminate genocide” a contradiction in terms?

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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