Baby Parasail Controversy

It looks like the parents of an 11-month-old baby and the organizers of a parasailing event may be in deep trouble after footage emerged of the screaming child being strapped into a harness and then launched 50 feet into the air behind a truck.

The incident happened in India and police were soon made aware of the footage and launched an investigation as to how an 11-month-old baby was towed over 100 feet whilst 50 feet in the air and strapped to a parachute. What actually makes the footage more upsetting is that the baby is obviously in quite some distress as it is being strapped in.

According to local media, the event was organized by Malabar Aero Sports Society, an adventure sports firm based in Kerala. They have allegedly made the most bizarre of statements, saying that the infant had “proper training” before the flight, reports the Times of India.

The police investigating the incident said to the India Times, “We received information regarding an incident where an 11-month-old girl was forced into parasailing by her parents. We are taking the matter seriously and will be filing charges against both the parents and the organizers.”

We are thinking that maybe this should be filed under the category of; ‘it seemed like a really good idea at the time.’

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