Motril Elections Results

The socialists (PSOE) came out as the most voted party in Motril, obtaining 34.20% of the votes, However compared with 2009 they dropped nearly 13% in votes.

The governing party, the PP, the fall was greater, falling from holding 42.37% of the votes down to just 27.18%; a loss of 15 percent.

The benefactors of the vote shift were the IU, who took 10,54% of the votes compared with just 3.72% in 2009 and – reflecting a national trend – Podemos (Yes We Can), who came from nothing to 7,19% of the votes cast yesterday.

The question is, can these result be extrapolated? Some say they can (the winners) and some say that they can’t (the losers) – readers can decide for themselves.

The governing party, for instance, considers that the European Elections have never had any relation to the local elections, but one wonders if they would say as much had the situation been reversed…

The PSOE considers that the European Elections are the “looking glass,” in whose reflection we will find the coming Municipal Elections results. The trouble is that judging by the amount of votes that they lost compared to 2009, that might not be such a positive synonym.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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