A Walk along Río Cacín

ALM Cacin Walkabout OnLFifty walkers from the Almuñécar Hiking Club enjoyed a stroll between Bermejales Reservoir and Cacín, starting below the dam.

Anybody who’s walked across the Bermejales dam, near Jayena, will have gazed down into the gorge and enjoyed the view, but the municipal walking club decided that the view was better from below… and they’re right.

The two guides, Enrique Garín and Francisco Novo, organized and led the group down this lush gorge, with its riverbank laced with trees. The sides of the gorge are dotted with caves, by the way.

The walkers were rewarded with large patches of orchids growing near the path as they left the gorge near the little village of Cacín, making everybody forget the light rain.

I have personally walked along that route many years ago and it reminds me very much of the canyon below Alhama de Granada for its lush vegetation.

AND Cacin entranceAnyway, if you’re visiting around that way, take the road into Cacín and enjoy the back road from there to El Turro – there are plenty of poplar (alamos) plantations along the way.

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(News: Cacín/Jayena, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia)

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