El Llano Paseo Work

ECO Paseo Calahonda OnLThe Mayor of Motril and the First Councillor of El Llano have been visiting the paseo work in El Llano, (Carchuna/Calahonda).

The tidy sum of 100,000 euros is being spent on the refurbishment and besides providing a new-look paseo, it is also providing jobs for the local unemployed.

The money comes from the Plan de Fomento del Empleo Agrario, which as it names suggests, was meant to be destined for rural infrastructure, such as country lanes, etc, but as is the case along most of the Costa Tropical, it is being used in town centres.

As for the work itself, all should be complete before the summer comes, assures the Mayor, Luisa García Chamorro.

Tthe First Councillor, Concepción Abarca, emphasized the local employment generated; around the 50 jobs mark, which “alleviates the unemployment figures found in the low season.”

The first phase of the work concentrates on damage caused by tree roots and consists of replacing paving. The irrigation system in the garden areas is also being overhauled.

The paseo will also received work-out apparatus for the elderly, becoming the fourth “health park” in the township: there are two in Carchuna and one in Calahonda.

(News: Calahonda/Carchuna, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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