Bottle Bottom Blunder

WLD Bottle BottyOff to China, where a man presented himself at his local hospital complaining of abdominal pains. When asked by doctors if he had any idea what could be causing his discomfort, he replied that he had no idea.

He’d obviously forgotten about the large bottle he’d inserted into his bottom earlier that evening. However, when doctors showed him an X-ray of the bottle inside him, along with a piece of wire he’s used to try and extract the bottle after it got stuck, he confessed that he had indeed been doing a bit of bottle-botty delving.

Unfortunately, the wire had perforated the man’s bowel, and the doctors performed an operation to remove both foreign objects and effect a repair.

Well, we’ve all heard the expression, ‘He seems to be bottling things up inside…’ This takes that phrase to whole new level. And remember, do not try this at home! You could end up the butt of everyone’s jokes, which would be a real bummer, then you’d find it hard to even crack a joke about it… Sorry.

(News: China)

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