Yes, It’s A Drought

PrecipitacionesDespite today’s drizzle, we are in the middle of a drought, thanks to a total lack of rain during the Autumn, following a longer-than-normal summer.

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Farmers are being hammered by Nature because, apart from the general scarcity of rainfall, meaning that water has to be pumped up out of the wells (with its corresponding crippling electricity consumption) two freak hailstorms have ruined crops here and even flattened greenhouses in other parts of Andalucia.

And all the time, the accumulated water behind the Rules Dam stays were it is, thanks to a lack of irrigation infrastructure; i.e., pipe infrastructure to get the water to where it is needed.

This bungle hasn’t prevented politicians from drawing their salaries and expenses, of course – in Spain there is no such thing as accountability, it seems, where political/administrative blunders are concerned.

In fact, getting a politician to resign is like trying to bath a cat…

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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