Fart Filter Frillies

Fart Pants Testing

Fart Pants Testing

Being the Editor, my farts do not smell. However, this cannot be said of everyone… you know who you are! Well, help is at hand with a new range of underwear that filters out those poisonous pongs.

So how is done? Well, the underpants are by Shreddies and contain Zorflex, which is used in chemical warfare suits and can actually filter your emissions to just an odorless draught. The manufacturers say that they can filter away odours some 200 times more potent than a piffling human fart. The best thing about the material is that every time you wash it, the carbon filter is reactivated, so you can fart away all day and then just wash those thundercrackers thoroughly and they will be ready for the next day’s ration!

The New York Daily News spoke with a Shreddies spokesperson, who said: “Although the Shreddies campaign is a bit cheeky, for many people this is really a healthcare product helping them cope with conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s and food intolerances. But the bottom line is that Shreddies are for everyone, after all, it’s something that we all do.”

The spokesperson finished by saying: “We have found the answer to help alleviate the most obvious symptom of flatulence – the odours.”

Good story… it definitely has the whiff of truth about it and the product could certainly make a crowded lift a little more bearable. Now all that is required is a noise muffler.

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