The Cortijo Grub Stops in Montefrío

British residents up in Montefrio, (Poniente de Granada) raised and handed over 1,000 euros to the Asociación de Minusvalidos de Montefrío. Half of that money also went to the local elderly-persons home, San Antonioo.

The donation was raised during a Safari Lunch held in September, which has a curious set up: A route around local cortijos in the area owned by British residents was set up where the 60-odd participants would stop to eat. No mean feat feeding 60 visitors!

Each cortijo taking part supplied a course, so that the first course was hosted by Cortijo San Judeo with a kedgeree, whilst the second course was at Cortijo Los Arandajos where pork stew was had and chicken and chips for the kids. Dessert was provided for the survivors at Cortijo Las Navillas.

Sounds a bloody good idea!

One of the Safari-Lunch organizers, Marc Van Goethen, praised the local participation amongst the townsfolk of Montefrío, who donated fresh vegetable and other edible products for the cause and even lent chairs and tables for dining.

There was even a local flamenco band helping out and providing some musical entertainment.

Hopefully, the Montefrio bunch will get in contact to give us more details.

(News: Montefrio, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia)

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