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Six Hours No Heartbeat

By Editor

It's all over the news; a British woman survives six hours with her heart stopped, thanks to Spanish doctors in Barcelona. »

Man Has Heart Attack on Street

By Vivienne Hughes

A 63-year-old man fell down dead on Calle Mercado Alto in the centre of Motril, on Saturday the 16th around 12.30h. »

Police Save Motril Man

By Vivienne Hughes

Municipal police officers in Motril carried out on CPR on a man on Tuesday, who had fainted on a restaurant terrace in the town centre. »

Police Save Elderly Brit

By Martin Myall

At the beginning of the week in Torrox-Costa, the prompt action of a Policía Local patrol saved the life of an elderly British man. »

Life Saved on Padel Courts

By Martin Myall

Four police officers from the Policía Nacional managed to save the life of a man who had fainted on a padel court in Motril. »

Police Save Man’s Life

By Vivienne Hughes

Four Policia Nacional managed to save a man's life in Motril thanks to their combined efforts to revive him after having suffered a cardiac arrest. »

CPR Life Saver

By David Darby

OK, so you live in Australia, you’ve recently done your ‘First Aid’ course… who do you try your new-found skills out on first? A wallaby of course! »

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