Exploding Mattress

One can’t help but feel sorry for the German chap in our next story. He was in the process of moving into his new house and had absolutely no furniture. So, just as a temporary measure, he purchased an inflatable mattress to sleep on. However, on his return home and during the inflation period, he noticed that there was a puncture in his newly purchased bed.

The 41-year-old then decided that he really could not be bothered to return to the shop, so decided to effect a repair to the puncture with his industrial type puncture repair kit and sealant that is normally used on tyres. This is where things started to go horribly wrong.

The products he had used for the repair reacted violently when heated up by the built-in motor pump within the mattress and the resulting explosion knocked our valiant German across the room, ripped doors from their hinges and blew out windows.

The house in Diepholz in Lower Saxony was left with just a few bits of glass in the windows and roof tiles scattered all over the place. The bill for repair of the damage has been put at 150,000 euros  and the man, who has not been named, was taken to hospital with cuts and bruises and an injured wrist.

Oh… and just to make matter even worse (if that were possible) for the poor chap, the local prosecutors have said they are looking into taking legal action against him!

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