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Administrative Inaction Only Hope

When 55 litres of water fell in less than two hours above Calahonda, the rubbish and vegetation in the Rambla Vizcarra and Rejón momentarily held the water back, resulting in a more devastating result on the town below.

Avoidable Flooding?

That is what the residents of Calahonda are asking themselves after extensive flooding beset the town. The fact of the matter is that torrential rain cannot be blamed on municipal authorities, but the readiness – or lack of it – of a town to cope with such phenomenon is quite another matter.

Who’s Afraid of the Taliban?

If you have friends like that. You’ll learn the answer in the second half of the article, but first the news that turned out to be wrong: the Germans don’t donate to Pakistan, because they are worried that the Taliban will benefit.

No Funds for Flood Defences

Now onto what’s wrong around town… The Mayor, Carlos Rojas, or ‘Charlie Red’ if you prefer, which is an embarrassing colour affiliation for a conservative, of course – has admitted that there is no proposed date for public construction work to prevent further flooding in the municipality.