CAS Monthly Newsletter

Summer Heat Warning
A dog was rescued by emergency services in Estepona kast month after being found in a locked car by a group of children who then called local police and a vet was brought in. The canine was in serious condition, suffering from shock and abnormal vital signs but has been reported to be making a good recovery once treated.

Apparently, the dog had been tied up in the 4×4 for several hours and proceedings have been started against the owner for alleged maltreatment of an animal. The Costa Animal Society would like to remind everyone that leaving an animal in a parked car can be very dangerous as temperatures can easily top 50 degrees Celsius in a short period of time, even if not in direct sunlight.

In the UK, the RSPCA has already reported a number of heat related animal deaths this summer including a family dog which died in a car while the family was enjoying Sunday lunch. Even measures like leaving a window open may not be enough to prevent an animal from succumbing to heat stroke, which can lead to brain damage or worse.

Owners should also keep an eye on their pets at home by making sure they have a cool shaded area and plenty of fresh water available as well as limiting their activity during the dog days of summer.
Animal cruelty sentence

A Madrid court gave a custodial sentence to a man who kicked his dog to death. The decision has been hailed as a big step for animal rights in Spain and is believed to be the first time a person has been convicted of animal abuse.

The case goes back to 2008 when the owner woke up to find that the six month old puppy had defecated inside the house he shared with his girlfriend. The girlfriend later realised the animal was unwell and took it to a vet. However the dog later died, having suffered a ruptured liver.

The vet reported the incident and the animal protection agency El Refugio took the owner to court where he admitted the attacking the pup. He was found guilty and has been given a three month custodial sentence, as well as being banned from working with domestic animals for two years.

El Refugio said the sentence was, “a giant step for the defence of animal rights in Spain,” but added that the law under which the prosecution was brought has changed and if he had been judged under the current law the sentence would have been even longer.

Volunteers Needed
The Costa Animal Society needs your help, particularly with their efforts at the Sunday car boot markets in Nerja and Almuñécar.

If you have some time, and especially if you own a 4×4 or other large vehicle, your assistance in transporting and selling goods on Sunday morning would be much appreciated as both these markets help raise much needed funds to care for rescued animals.

If you can assist CAS in any way – fund raising, airport runs or fostering – please call Wendy at 660 271 984 or Vera at 680 315 880.

Annual Summer Pig Roast
The Costa Animal Society would like to thank Kurt and Laura at Seacrest Kennels for hosting their hog roast to raise much needed money for the animals in our care.

This annual party helps CAS bridge the funding gap which occurs each summer as events taper off because local residents either go on holiday or are too busy with work.

CAS re-homed over 200 animals last year and is currently looking after more than 70 dogs and 30 cats. If you could put together a fund raising event or idea, please contact Vera at 680 315 880.

Membership Renewal
The Costa Animal Society would like to remind all members that it is time to renew their CAS membership.

Membership is 25 euros per person and 35 Euros per couple and these fees help offset charity expenses, such as printing costs, rent and telephone bills.

Membership has other benefits including discounts at local businesses and a quarterly e-mail newsletter to keep you up to date on CAS news.