Benavides vs Mercadona

The CA has accused the Almuñécar-based branches of Mercadona of drafting in staff from the city of Granada instead of hiring extra hands in Almuñécar.

The CA complains that on previous years Mercadona had hired local staff to cover the summer period, but this time they are bringing them in from elsewhere. Furthermore, the CA accuses the governing party of being complicit in this arrangement.

In fact, the CA ties this all in with the alleged plan of the Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, to demolish the local fish market and put a large department store in its place.

The CA believes that local small businesses are better for the town than supermarkets, saying that 50% of the wealth generated by local business remains in the town, whereas in the case of large supermarkets only 5% actually remains within the town’s economy.

Editorial Comment: The population of the inland cities like Granada goes down in the summer and the demand in the city’s supermarket drops off, which is why, instead of laying off the excess city staff, they transfer down to coast to where the city residents are spending their holidays. The Guardia Civil in the city are also transferred down to the coast; they don’t lay of policemen in Granada and hire new ones on the coast.

Finally, I might be mistaken but I could have sworn that it was under Juan Carlos administrations that supermarkets like Mercandona, Lidl and El Día first opened in Almuñécar…

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)