The Never-Ending Story

The gasmen have been active in Maro, where an elderly lady complained that they changed a piece of rubber tube on her gas bottle and charged her 259 euros.

The lady, resident of Calle Pintada, told them that she only had 50 euros on her, which they promptly took and told her that they would be back to get the rest.

The next day they phoned, employing an “aggressive tone,” warning her that they were going to drop by and that if she did not pay, they would remove the rubber tube and leave her without gas. Alarmed, she told them that she was going to phone the Policía Local – she never heard from them again.

But several locals from Maro did phone the police, complaining about these ‘operators’ working the area and they did manage to catch up with one of them on Calle Carmen, where he was doing the rounds. He told them that he was part of a 4-man team, based in Atarfe (near the city of Granada) and were working the Nerja and Maro areas. But what they are doing is not illegal if you let them in and they carry out the work.

However, an authorized gas-fitting company Distribuciones García e Hijos, have issued a warning that bogus gasmen using the company’s name when they call  have nothing to do with them.

This company advised that you should change the rubber hose on your gas bottle every five years but that you should let nobody go near it without a quote on how much it will cost first.

(News: Maro/Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)