Water Supply Guaranteed

Well, as you’re moaning about what a dismal beginning the summer has had, look on the bright side because there won’t be any water shortages for the next two years, at least.

Yes, thanks to the abundant and extended rains, plus the thaw on Sierra Nevada, there is enough water for irrigation and human consumption on the Costa Tropical for all of this year and the next, even if not another drop of rain falls.

At the beginning of June, the Costa Tropical, thanks to its reservoirs, had a reserve of 46.8 cubic hectometres of water for irrigation, domestic consumption and caudal ecological (the minimum flow necessary to keep the riverbeds below the dams healthy.

So how much water is 46.8 cubic hectometres? One cubic hectometre of water is equal to one thousand, million litres, or if you prefer, one-million metric tonnes. Yes, you could drown a few baby kittens in that… what? hey, just saying! Yes, you’re right; I have been spending far too much time with Mr Darby.

The boys that control the big taps have decided that 33.4 cu/hm will be used between now and September this year on irrigation (28.5) whilst domestic and industry will receive the remaining 4.9 cu/hm. the Béznar reservoir will supply 17.4 cu/hm and Rules 16 cu/hm.

During the same period 13.4 cu/hm will be pushed down the rivers to the sea to keep the ecosystems healthy. The majority of this ‘eco rinse’ will come from Rules (11.6 cu/hm) whilst Béznar will only flush down 1.8 cu/hm. Logical, because Béznar is above Rules and what comes out of their ends up in Rules anyway.

Well, now you know, so you can go and bore the pants off a tourist the next time you have one cornered.

(News: Costa Tropical)