Not Very Bright

After the tremendous uproar over the subsidized bar prices in the Lower House of Parliament, the Government has rushed to removed these ‘privileges’ from alcoholic drinks there.

Up until now, if an MP decided to order a stiff drink at their homely cafeteria or restaurant, he or she  would only expect to have to pay, let’s say, less that four euros for a gin tonic, thanks to generous subsidizing at the expense of the taxpayers’ pocket.

As can be imagined, when this “little number” came to light, precisely when Spanish citizens are being hammered by cuts in social services, higher taxes and crippling unemployment, the average Spaniard was not amused.

The Speaker of the Lower House, Jesús Posada (PP) admitted that the outrage had forced him to eliminate this ‘extra help’ for the MP’s, who are not exactly underpaid. He considered that perhaps this ‘consideration’ wasn’t the most logical, but was quick to point out that the arrangement was set up in 2005; in other words, under the socialist government. He does consider, however, that people are making a mountain out of a molehill.

(News: Madrid, Spain)