Brunete’s Surprise Boxes

The township of Brunete has begun a special delivery service: your dog excrement is delivered to your very door.

Yes, you could open your door to find a town-hall worker holding up a small box with your doggy’s post-digestive breakfast in it, for which you will have to sign.

The first time you will only have to sign for it, but if you receive more visits of this kind, you will also be expected to pay a fine of between 30 and 300 euros.

So, how the devil do they know ‘which’ belongs to ‘whom’? The dog’s rectum isn’t like a rifled gun barrel which leaves tell-tale marks on the ‘bullet,’ after all.

The geniuses behind the scheme is a publicity company called Mccan, who have had quite a few effective stunts, one of which was a radio-controlled plastic turd with wheels that would chase dogs and their owners. But something even more effective, they decided was necessary…

They hired 20 volunteers to patrol the streets of Brunete. When they detected a dog owner who had no intention of picking up the mutt droppings, they would approach him and spark up a friendly conversation, remarking on what an excellent pet they had. This information was later fed into the municipal pet register to find out the home of the owner.

A total of 147 boxes were delivered to startled dog owners and according to the Town Hall, dog droppings have decreased by 70% on the town’s streets.

“We’re not sure if this is because the dog owners are scared of receiving a fine… or just one of these boxes,” admitted the Mayor, Borja Gutiérrez, adding, “the majority of dog owners have the habit of picking up what their dogs leave behind in this town, anyway.”

How much did this stunt costs? Not much, really: a hundred odd cardboard boxes and plastic bags – the delivery personnel were volunteers, who came forward, no doubt, just to see the expression on people’s faces when they answered the door.

You can watch the Town Hall publicity video HERE

(News: Brunete, Madrid)