Portuguese Man O’War

This jellyfish (sort of) is not something that you would like to find clinging to your rubber duck in the bathtub. Neither is it something that you would expect to sight off an Almuñécar beach, but that is what has happened.

The Spanish name for the beastie, by the way, is similar to the English name: carabela Portuguesa (Portuguese caravel) but there is a Latin name: Magnum Problemicus… nah, just joking! It’s Physalia physalis. Despite its outward appearance, the Man o’ War is not a jellyfish; i.e., a single organism, but a colonial organism made up of many minute individuals called zooids.

Anyway the little blighters have been holidaying down Cádiz way, causing the authorities to put a ban on bathing. Almuñécar was handed two of them by a pleased looking local and they are studying them. Meanwhile, neighbouring coastal towns have not reported any – eat your heart out, Salobreña and Motril.

Anyway, one swallow does not a Spring make, nor do two zooid-loaded Portuguese man o’wars make a mass attack with nobody closer to the sea than Jete being safe.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)