Misplaced Kindness

A woman is up before a judge for allegedly stabbing and killing a pensioner who had tried to help her out. The wife of the 66-year-old victim was also brutally beaten. The incident took place in La Chana, which is a marginal area of Granada, a little over a year ago.

What makes this attack on an elderly couple all the more despicable was the fact that the couple had taken pity on the alleged murderer. The suspect called at the door of the couple in the early hours on the 23rd of February, 2011, to ask for money – and this was not the first time that she had approached the couple for this reason.

According to the Public Prosecutor, once the accused had been let into the flat, she aggressively demanded money from Francisco, who was sitting in an armchair. When he refused, she picked up a pair of scissors that were on a table and threatened him with them. Francisco did not back down, which cost him his life.

The accused allegedly ran into the kitchen and grabbed a 22-cm ham knife and attacked the man, inflicting seven stab wounds upon his head and chest. At that precise moment, Josefa, the wife, entered the room and started shouting for help. The accused then reportedly struck the woman on the head with her own walking stick..

The Public Prosecutor is recommending a prison sentence of twelve years.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)