Acquitted of Slandering a Politician

When a building developer accused the Mayor of being corrupt, the reaction was for the politician to sue him, but the judge didn’t agree with his view.

The judge ordered that, “‘Corrupt’ was, unfortunately, a vogue word, but that it didn’t necessarily translate to slander.” The ex-mayor can lodge an appeal, though.

This all happened in Otura when Ignacio Fernández Sanza was heading Otura’s conservative-run town council; although he is no longer the mayor, after a political scandal, he is still officially a conservative councillor there.

The building developer was feeling bitter over the then Mayor’s lack of approval of a housing development, lacking favourable studies, which he himself had built. The developer had financed a publicity campaign against corruption in Otura, paying for large billboard beside the N-323 stating, “In Otura there’s no room for corrupt mayors.”

Not only did the judge throw out the charge of slander, but he also ordered the ex-mayor to pay court costs, and if that were not enough, the Public Prosecutor has accused the ex-mayor of tricky dealings over the said housing development.

Ignacio Fernández Sanza lost the mayor’s seat after a rebellion by councillors from his own party; he has subsequently begun legal proceedings against them, too.

(News: Otura, Granada, Andalucia)