A Pant in the Country

El Valle de Lecrín will be holding the 11th annual cross-country race called La Naranja on the 28th of February – the winner gets his weight in oranges!

This competition is open to everybody from hardened adult runners to children, so there are plenty of categories. Around 35 different clubs take part, so the organizers are hoping to see around 400 competitors on the day.

The race, which has a total length of 6,600 metres, will make it’s way along the country lanes between Melegís, Restábal and Saleres. The race begins at 11.00h at the Melegís sports pavilion and the finishing line will be in Saleres.

The route won’t be easy with plenty of up and downhill sections, with 90% of the route along farmland tracks, so it won’t all be tarmac – there’s even a river to be forded. Mind you, El Valle is a feast for your eyes as far as the panorama goes.

“The Orange Race is one of a reasonable distance but there are some very steep hills to climb,” explained the Mayor of El Valle, Juan Antonio Palomino, adding, “you have to pass through the river area, even getting your feet wet – it’s a cross-country race that you need to be prepared for.”

Just so you know how seriously the organizers take it, Global-Tempo will be in charge of the time keeping, which is a professional company using technology used in the London Marathon and the Sidney City 2surf.

If you would like to officially take part, then click HERE

(News: Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)