La Caleta Street Works

Work has begun on Calles Ramblilla A & G, to sort out the water mains and sewage system, as well as sorting out the street surface which is pretty deteriorated in places.

According to the Councillor for Public Works and Maintenance, Javier Ortega, the project has a budget of 118.582 euros and will affect 1,040 sq/m of surface area. This is because the existing mains water and sewage system have to be dug out and replaced.

Besides the mains and sewage pipes, they will also lay an empty pipe which will eventually take the existing overhead cables belonging to Endesa and Telefónica, as well as street lighting.

The work is scheduled to take four months, meaning that it should be over before July.

According to Sr. Javier Ortega in Calle Ramblilla G, the rain drainage system will be expanded so that it can deal with the rainwater channeled down from the other streets, as well as handle the excess from the rambla.

The Councillor Delegate for La Caleta, Irene Justo, considers that this will put an end to the continual ‘patching up’ that has been carried out each year. She also would like to thank in advance the residents for understanding and ‘putting up with’ the inconveniences that this work will logically cause.

(News: Salobreana, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)