Guardia Civil Sergeant Beaten

Three of the seven people that attacked a Guardia Civil sergeant in the pensioners’ club in Montejícar have been arrested, whilst the the other four; three women and a minor have been released pending trial.

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The incident took place at 19.25h one Friday evening. According to witnesses, members of two separate families had been making the rounds of bars in the town and had all consumed generous amounts of alcohol. In one of these bars they burst into an impromptu flamenco show and were warned to tone it down.

By the time that they decided to visit the pensioners’ club a 30-year-old man began an argument with his father over his excess drinking. Before long everybody was arguing with everybody and had moved outside the club, but not before the son smashed his fist into a glass window on the main door.

At this point the sergeant turned up, who was off duty at the time and in civilian clothes. His intention was to calm matters, but instead the father and son turned on him, only to be joined by two male members of the second family. Not wanting to be left out, three women from the two families decided that the menfolk needed a hand. Finally, a large crowd of minors gathered and egged the ‘combatants’ on. All in all, ten people were involved – unfortunately for the sergeant, nobody was batting on his team.

Somehow, two men, one of 35 and the other 55, were injured, as was a women of 25, which could have only been put down to friendly fire, as the sergeant was otherwise occupied on the ground.

By the time that the Policía Local and colleagues of the sergeant turned up, together with an ambulance, the sergeant, not surprisingly, was in the worse state.

(News: Montejícar, Granada, Andalucia)

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