The Unwanted Gift

The Guardia Civil have arrested a man in Zubia (suburb of Granada) for allegedly hiding drugs in his ex-wife’s car and then making anonymous, phone tip-offs to the police. The reason? Reportedly, to gain custody of his son.

The 32-year-old father is said to have confessed to the Guardia Civil that he had made several calls using a mobile with an identity block on it; i.e., the caller’s number does not show up, explaining what the car looked like, where it was normally parked and that there was a small bag containing cocaine inside the vehicle.

The police sent out a patrol but found that the car wasn’t parked in the said place, but after driving around a while they located the vehicle. They stopped the woman driver and upon looking in the glove compartment found a small bag with two grams of cocaine. The woman, denied that the drug was hers.

To prove her innocence, she later went round to the police station with a medical report from a blood analysis which showed that she was not a drug taker. She then just happened to mention that her ex-husband couldn’t be trusted any further than he could be thrown, and that she wouldn’t put it past him to be behind it all. There was also the little question of car keys, as he was the only person with a set that could have opened the car, without forcing the door, and plant the drug.

The police then arrested the ex-husband who soon confessed to having made the phone calls, but he did not go so far as to recognise that he had planted the drug in her car.

(News: Zubia, Granada, Andalucia)

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