Suspicious Wardrobe Content

You would be wrong if you think that this article has something to do with women’s clothing in a Conservative MP’s wardrobe… No, this is about a wardrobe that was supposed to contained 6,000 euros! Read on…

A fire broke out on Calle Cruz de Piedra in Granada which had the firemen that tackled the blaze raising cynical eyebrows, because something smelled decidedly fishy, as well as of smoke. The firemen had been called out at five in the afternoon, but when they arrived at the scene of the fire they found the inhabitants of the house, 27-year-old P.L.C and 25-year-old N.R.S. still in the building.

The fire, which was on the second floor, was soon put out by the fire crew. But the fact that the inhabitants were inside instead of out on the street, which is what normally happens, together with the way the fire had occurred had them suspecting foul play straight away.

There doubts were strengthened when the two occupants claimed that they had not left the building because there was 6,000 euros in a wardrobe that they had wanted to rescue – the said wardrobe, by a strange coincidence was completely destroyed by the fire – which was about the only thing that was.

Fire investigators attached to the fire service inspected what was left of the wardrobe and there was no sign no signs of ash that burnt bank notes would produce. Further investigation turned up that the fire had not been caused by a short circuit, as the occupants claimed, but on the contrary the fire had three separate ignition points.

As far as the investigators were concerned the evidence was clear – there had been no bank notes in the wardrobe and the fire had been deliberate, so they handed over their report to the Policía Local as suspected arson.

The house was insured against fire so the owners stood to receive a large pay-out from the insurance company for the loss of property within, as well as damage to the actual building… hence the miraculous 6,000 euros in bank notes, allegedly.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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