La Herradura Blue Zones Deactivated

The new municipal administration has deactivated the Paseo de Andres Segovia blue zones, putting covers on all of the parking meters so that visitors can’t, unwittingly and needlessly, insert coins.

Since 2008, the blue zones both in Almunecar and La Herradura have been operative in these areas seven days a week, from 11am to 11pm, right up to the end of September, but this new move goes some way to making good the adverse publicity that these hitherto generated.

The stumbling block is still the private company that runs the blue zones, or better said, the generous contract terms that the previous municipal administration permitted. The terms cannot be arbitrarily changed, without paying out the compensation demanded by the said company – the only way to change the terms, which are prejudicial to the town’s economy, is through negotiation between now and when the contract expires.

Accordingly, the modification to the hours and this shortening of blue-zone season on the paseos is fruit of an agreement between the Town Hall and the company. The fact that the multi-language signs still show the end of September as the cut-off date is evidence that this move is a recent concession.

As for the contracts signed between the company and the previous administration, some run out this year and the others in 2013, explained the vice-mayor and councillor for citizen safety, Juan Ruiz Joya.

Councillor Ruiz also explained that the company wanted compensation in the form of blue zoning in other areas, but this was refused as the Town Hall’s aim is to reduce blue zoning to the market and commercial areas of town (as was the idea behind their original conception)
He concluded by saying that the imposition of blue zoning on the paseos caused more loss than gains as far as municipal tourism goes, in part thanks to negative press coverage generated…

The article in the Ideal provincial press claimed that this measure was for both La Herradura and Almuñécar, but this is not the case as the meter girls are still out in force on the blue zones from Velilla to San Cristobal, waiting to pounce.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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