Benny Slips But Doesn’t Fall

Not many smiles amongst the Mayor's supporters

With the final vote count completed it appears that the Mayor has lost three of his ten councillor seats. However, with seven seats, his party is still the most voted, but only just. The Mayor had hired the old Idea shop premises to hold a victory party; it was widely expected that he might even increase his council seats from 10 to 11 or 12, giving him an absolute majority, hence the partying space, but things didn’t work out that way.

Celebrations at the PP branch

The Conservative PP has gained a seat, up from five to six, this modest result together with the absolute landlslide victories all over the country, they have good reason to be celebrating in the Almunecar party office.

relieved faces at the PSOE branch

The PSOE socialists, on the other hand, managed to retain their four seats, which is a huge achievement, considering the crushing results coming in from around the country.

IU Party leader smiles

The IU gained a seat, increasing their council representation to two, as did the Mayor’s old party, the PA

Compare the 2007 results with these 2011 ones

2007: CA 10, PP 5, PSOE 4, PA 1 & IU 1 = 21
2011: CA 7, PP 6, PSOE 4, PA 2 & IU 2 = 21

Although the Mayor was the most voted party, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for him to govern, so he must seek a pact, but who is going to pact with Juan Carlos Benavides?

The PP, who have been accused of surreptitiously supporting the Mayor’s governing council by abstaining on crucial votes. The reason, many claim, is that the PP needed the Mayor’s support to maintain the Salobrena and Motril Mayoralties. However, the PP have done very well all around, so they don’t actually need the Mayor’s party’s support anymore.

Anyway, the political formations have until the 11th of this month to reach an agreement to form a governing council.

Let’s see!

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