Tartana – Dia de la Madre

Well at the beginning of April, it was the time of the year, in the UK, when we mothers finally get a slap on the back. I had my own mother visiting at the time and thought I would treat her to a lovely Mother’s Day meal at La Tartana.

I checked the date with my husband and kids, firstly to remind them of the forthcoming event (I live in hope) and secondly to confirm their availability. I then made a reservation.
The restaurant, which was fresh and beautifully decorated, also has sociable staff who know how to make their customers feel comfortable. We spent a good three hours chatting and laughing the afternoon away whilst enjoying superb cuisine and good quality wine. The children held their own in an environment that was completely child friendly yet sophisticated.

If I play my cards right I could try and wangle another treat for el Dia de la Madre on May 8th, the first Sunday in May! Hmmm…

(Feature: dia de la madre, restaurant/hotel, Herradura)

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