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Saved by The Cat

Some say that a dog is your friend but you’re cat is a fussy guest, but not so the case of Max, whose mewing literally saved his owner’s life.

Boyfriend Cat Cock-Up

There are mistakes one can make as a boyfriend that can get you in all kinds of trouble. However, we think that selling your girlfriend’s cat must rate quite high up the chart of ‘boyfriend fails.’

Cat Burglar

The only problem is that this particular cat burglar broke into a Russian prison carrying contraband in the form of mobile phones and chargers… and promptly got caught. Oh yes, and he was also actually a cat!

Dismember The Cat

The title sounds bad enough when you’re talking about a cat, but what if it’s an 11-year-old boy? And that, in fact, was the case, as ‘cat’ was the code word for the child victim of a kidnapping in Barcelona.

Cat Campaign – Wonky World

The Seaside Gazette has Stand-Up Stan and now Halifax in Canada has Tuxedo Stan, who is campaigning to become may of the town. Of course, this being a World Section story, Tuxedo Stan is a cat.