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What Do You Know?

Obviously, being a dog, I know quite a lot about canine matters… well this month I’ve decided to impart some of my extensive canine knowledge. I’ve tried to educate you on health issues over the previous months… never knowing, of course, if any of it is even sinking in. Well, here are some facts about us barking buddies you may, or may not know.

Almuñécar Dog Show

Almuñécar held its first dog show, which was held on the Blas Infante (where the Friday Market is held) on Sunday 15th, with nearly 200 dogs taking part. The dog show, whose results count towards the Campeonato de Andalucía, was one by an American Akita called Oso, entered by Cecilio Maeztu. The four judges, belonging…

Paddy the Wolfhound

The weather has been a bit better and so we’ve been out fixing the fence and the driveway, as best we can. Need a digger really. It’s the first time in a while we’ve had a chance to watch the dogs. They’ve started this completely new game thing and I swear to you I think they talk to each other.

Mobil Vet Visits

Had an e-mail re last months column, no not with regard to caterpillar cruelty but pointing out that if one were to enter a pine forest full of dry tinder, throw petrol around willy nilly, then set it alight, it could cause a horrendous fire!

Dogs in Human Company

Dogs were first domesticated from wolves at least 17,000 years ago, but perhaps as early as 150,000 years ago based upon genetic fossil and DNA evidence.


Is it me or is everyone leaving Spain? I have had so many enquiries over the last few months regarding long term kennelling and quite a few horror stories also.