Mesón Magic

Alex at the fabulous Meson in the town hall square, Almuñécar tells me he is now offering a menu del dia consisting of a choice of 2 starters, a choice of 2 mains, dessert, one drink and coffee, all at just €9.50 with IVA included.
This is extremely good news for all of you, but very bad news for me and the Ed, who tend to spend far to much time in Meson increasing our waistlines, while having important business meetings to finally resolve who was able to throw a stone the furthest from the cliffs above Torrenueva 30 years ago. With value for money like this and great food, we’ll have to pop in there even more often for our meetings… thus increasing our gory girths further!
Meson, Town Hall Square, next to the Town Hall, Almuñécar.

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