Meson Magic

The Meson in the town hall square in Almuñécar is just great. If you haven’t tried one of their brochetas, you haven’t lived! I didn’t realise that they even made metal spikes that long, except for fighting, and that you could fit so much tasty food onto just one! Don’t go thinking I’m talking about a simple pinchito here.
Alex, who the Ed and I have know for about a thousand years, has now decided, due to the popularity of the said brochetas, to prepare them with pork siroin, instead of just beef.
Another special at the Meson is the Secreto and Pluma cuts of pork, which are barbequed, which Alex says contains quite a high fat contact which is barbequed off but gives the meat an amazing flavour.
All that sizzling juicy meat and fresh peppers and onions… eat there? I could actually move in!
Meson, Town Hall Square, Almuñécar.

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