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Had a quick chat with Bob Coates from Carrington Builders and Decorators and asked if there was anything he wanted me to impart to our readers… and to be honest neither he nor I could think of much more to say about this brilliant team of highly skilled builders and decorators. Let’s face it, how can you improve on a formula and work ethic that has been good for over 30 years in the UK and six years here!
It’s very simple, you build not just extensions, pools and terraces, you also build a reputation for quality work, good honest quotations, and a simple promise to start and finish a project within an agreed period, and finally leaving the site clean and tidy.
There you have it, for reforms, kitchens and bathrooms, terraces and pools, plumbing and electrics, extensions and conversions, damp proofing, pergolas and loads of other stuff… including Bobs wife Debbie who sent me some pictures of her brilliant mosaics, which can turn a simple wall into a unique work of art, and could even be given as a present.
For a free estimate with references on any of the above services, including Debbie’s mosaics, contact:
Carrington Builders & Decorators, Tel. 618 77 88 51 or 958 635 368 or visit

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