Silly Suggestion?

Councillor Luis Aragón

Councillor Luis Aragón

(This article was originally published in November 2009 and is visible now so that readers can look at what was happening on the Costa Tropical back then.)

There are few times that our dear politicians – and our local ones are no exception – get together and agree on something. When they do, it normally entails pay rises for themselves.

Bearing in mind these bursts of infrequent accord, it should come as no surprise that the PA, who proposed everybody getting a pay cut to help with the budget in these times of crisis, ran up against a stone wall from the other parties – secretly relieved, no doubt. You see the PSOE had suggested the measures to combat the crisis to be discussed during this plenary council meeting… but nobody expected the PA to come up with such a ‘ridiculous and totally radical’ proposition, did they?

The villainous PA councillor, Luis Aragón, said that the Town Hall could actually save 115,000 euros, if the local councillors and politically appointed advisors took a pay cut.

The Mayor, not missing a beat, pointed out that it was too late and that the proposal should have been made during the annual budget debate. “Darn,” he probably inwardly muttered, knuckling back a tear of regret.

The PP, not having the honed manoeuvrability of our double-jointed mayor, could only splutter a deflection shot, saying that the Regional and Central Government should set the example first. Nul points!

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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