Día de Europa

ALM FiestaEuropaIt was a bit of a strange European Day in Almuñécar this year. Several people asked us if we had any news on when or where it would be – there was even some doubt about it taking place or not, owing to the present economical squeeze on the municipal coffers. We heard zilch (nothing) from the Town Hall and finally got a tip off from a different source a couple of days before it was scheduled to take place (17th). The only thing that we could do, with the October edition already in the streets, was to post the news on the website.
Anyway, take place it did, but right next to the municipal aquarium in the large marquee tent, which is serving as a venue for several events that would normally have been held in the Parque Majuelo. The different International clubs have good memberships, counting on 600 Scandinavians and Danes, 170 Germans and 200 Flemish residents, keen on promoting Brussels, bless them. The Brits, who probably invent the concept of ‘The Club,’ don’t have one here, I believe – strikes me down with a rusty lightning bolt if I’m wrong. Mind you, the Royal Naval Association probably counts as one. There is also, of course, The British Legion, which has Almuñécar residents as members. Also present was the American International Club (Congrats on putting some sense into the Whitehouse, by the way!) Anyway, the turn out completely packed out the canvas-contained global village.
The German-Speaking Club (Asociación de Aleman Parlantes), whose headquarters is in the Cercado de la Santa Cruz, had a special reason for celebrating, as it was their 10th anniversary. You’d be wrong to believe that all their members are from German-speaking countries, because there are Members from the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain.

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