Prawn the Queen of the Fair

The travelling, seafood fair stopped in Salobreña last month to bring affordable fish en mass to our hungry townsfolk.
Lasting one week, the organisers estimated that between us all we gobbled up around eight tonnes of fishy diners. The idea of a travelling fish fair sprouted from a group of friends that work together in the fish industry. It didn’t take much persuasion to get others on board and soon enough, the Shellfish Festival was born. Throughout the summer they have been touring the coast of Andalucía with the motto ‘Out of the Sea and onto the Plate!’
The organisers aim to keep prices really low by working directly with fishing boats and private ship owners. And with around twenty workers manning the show, they spent all week cutting octopus, serving cold beers and handing out plates of razor fish to the delighted crowds.
The real star of the show, however, was the humble prawn, ‘She’s the Queen of the Fair,’ admitted Antonio Calvo, one of the chief organisers. Aside from the bargain bowls of fish, the fair also served up kids entertainment and live music to dine to. No rest for the wicked, however, and just as soon as they came they left, onto the next town to serve fish for dinner.
If you missed them this year don’t worry too much as I’ve a sneaky suspicion they may be back by popular demand, otherwise insiders tell me they’ve also been invited to set up stalls in Ibiza and Germany! The world is their oyster…

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