Man-Sized Grouper Caught

It’s time for another fishy tale or two… this time its not monster jellies perusing our shores but man-sized groupers. Hauled out of the waters at Torrenueva by Rigo and Jose, aka ‘El Madrileno’ and ‘El Frances,’ the beastie weighed in at a flabbergasting 71 kilos.
The smiling fisherman (who bagged 420 euros for their catch) retold the story of the struggle to get the grouper onto their wobbly little fishing boat. ‘He pulled while I tried to keep the boat steady’ said Jose, who’s been a regular summer resident here for the past 30 years. Onlookers at the beach were literally gob smacked as the two lugged their prize out of the boat ‘we thought the boat looked a little weighed down’ said one passer-by who was ready with his camera to get a shot of the fish that was almost bigger than he was.

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