Annual Firework Display

Did you see the fireworks on the 15th? I didn’t – I was safely hidden away in a cortijo, way up in the hills, during the fiesta week – it was bliss.
But many did and were impressed, as always, by this awesome firework display, with the whole fiesta-week setting the Almuñécar tax-contributors back 167,000 euros.
A good chunk of that money (83,636 euros) went to the Producciones Artisticas Granada SL, who supplied the popular-music orchestra, La Banda Parranda, which in turn provided the knees-up and two-step repertoire for the municipal ‘caseta.’
On the other hand, the Motril-based firework-display company, Protécnica Esteban Martín S.L., provided the fizz and the bang for 46,665 euros.
Some opined that with the crisis we couldn’t literally let that much amount of money ‘go up in smoke,’ whilst others argued that it is a widely known, major attraction, much needed to bring people into town.

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